Razi Urea Granulation Plant

Project Details
Petrochemical Industries Development Management Co.
Project Location:
Bandar Imam, Iran
1,800 MTPD
Technical Category:
Petrochemical & Chemical Plants
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Hydro Agri Sluiskill B.V.
Sazeh, Snamprogetti S.p.A.
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


The Urea Granulation Project is designed to produce 1800 MTPD urea granules based on Hydro Agri Sluiskill B.V./ Hydro Fertilizer Technology fluid bed granulation License and know –how. The unit is fed by Urea Melt from existing Urea 2 Unit.

The project comprises of:

  • Granulation system to convert the urea melt solution coming as feed from existing Urea No.2 into granules of 2~3.5 and 6~8mm diameter. The granulator is the heart of the plant and uses a fluidized bed system in which the Urea solution is sprayed onto granules suspended in a fluidized layer.
  • First Fluid Bed Cooler: The product from granulator are transferred into product cooler which utilizes the same fluidized bed system as the granulator.
  • Scrubbers and Vent Stack: The air extracted from top of granulator and product cooler is vented after being washed in scrubbers. The solution from scrubbers is recycled to Urea No. 2 unit.
  • Bucket Elevator: The cooled granules are lifted by the bucket elevator in the sieving section.
  • Crusher: The oversize granules are first crushed in roll mills and combined with the undersize granules and fed back to the granulator to be used as a seed material to initiate granulation.
  • Conveyor: The on-size granules are further cooled down in the final cooler and sent to storage by conveyor systems.