Dorood Gas Injection Project

Project Details
National Iranian Oil Company
Project Location:
Kharg Island, Iran
Technical Category:
Offshore Oil & Gas
Services Performed:
Feasibility Study
Project Status:
Study is completed


The project consists of:

  • Gathering and transmission of gases from Nowrooz offshore oil field to Abouzar offshore oil field and from Abouzar by transmission in new or existing oil line to Kharg Island,
  • Gathering and transmission of gases from Forouzan offshore oil field to Kharg,
  • Pressure boosting, NGL recovery and compression of 400 MMSCFD of gases and injection into Dorood oil field at approximately 5500 psig.

The Project comprises of:

  • Two offshore gathering and compression facilities,
  • Submarine pipelines,
  • One onshore booster station,
  • One onshore NGL recovery,
  • Power generation facilities,
  • Injection compressor station,
  • Onshore and offshore injection wells.

The estimated total compression HP is 260,000.