Persian Gulf Bid Boland Gas Treating Plant

Project Details
Iranian Engineering and Development Gas Co.
Project Location:
Behbahan, Iran
2,000 MMSCFD
Technical Category:
Oil & Gas Production
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
RIPI, Prosernat
Sazeh, Jahanpars
Project Status:
In Progress


“Bid Boland Gas Treating Plant-II (BB2)'' is located in South West part of Iran, about 15 km North West of Behbahan city in Khuzestan province.

Bid Boland Gas Treating Plant-II is comprised of industrial and non-industrial areas.  Package A consists of the gas treating plant (Industrial Area) located in near Bid Boland I gas refinery plant.

The sour outlet gas of sour feed gas slugcatcher is routed to four identical parallel amine units and treated gas is combined with sweet outlet gas of sweet feed gas slugcather will be processed in cryogenic plant, and the extracted C2+ hydrocarbons will be fractionated and treated, the ethane product will be transferred to Gachsaran Petrochemical while the propane and butane products will be transferred to storage and loading facilities at Mahshahr Loading Facilities.  The treated residue gas will be routed to the existing NIGC gas pipeline.  The condensate from the inlet separation unit will be collected and treated and then the C5+ product along with the C5+ product from fractionation unit will be transported to Mahshahr Loading facilities.

 The main process units are as below:

  • Inlet Separation and Metering Facilities
    • Unit 401: Slug Catchers>
    • Unit 402: Condensate Splitter/Gas
  • Gas Sweetening Units
    • Unit 420: Amine Units (4*25% Identical Units each 500 MMSCFD)
  • Acid Gas Compression and Dehydration
    • Unit 421: Acid Gas Dehydration (3*50% Trains)
    • Acid Gas Compression (3*50% Trains)
  • NGL Extraction/Ethane Recovery
    • Unit 404: 2*50% trains (each 1000 MMSCFD) of Ethane Recovery/ NGL Extraction
  • NGL Fractionation
    • Unit 406: 2*50% Trains, identical capacities.
  • Product Treating
    • Unit 407: Ethane, Propane and Butane treating
  • Propane Refrigeration
    • Unit 408: Propane Refrigeration Unit (3*50% Trains)
  • Residue Gas Compression
    • Unit 405: Residue Gas Compression for injection to NIGC gas pipeline (6*20% Trains)
  • Sour Water Stripping
    • Sour Water Stripping

The License Units are as below:

  • Amine Sweetening (Prosernat)
  • Mol Sieve, Dehydration (Zeochem - Technology Holder)
  • Caustic Wash: C4 and C5+ Sulfur Removal (RIPI)
  • Product Treating (Zeochem - Technology Holder)
The required technologies are as below:
  • Amine Sweetening
  • Mol Sieve, Dehydration
  • Caustic Wash: C4 and C5+ Sulfur Removal
  • COS Hydrolysis, C3
  • Mercury Removal
  • Arsenic Removal