Anahita Oil Refinery

Project Details
Anahita Oil Refining Co.
Project Location:
Kermanshah, Iran
150,000 BPSD
Technical Category:
Petroleum Refining
Services Performed:
UOP, KBC, Haldor Topsoe, KTI
Sazeh, APS
Project Status:


Anahita Oil Refinery is a complete new grass-root refinery with the capacity of 150,000 BPSD to be located at Kermanshah, Iran to produce Gasoline (premium and regular), Kerosene, and Diesel Fuel pool with the latest European fuel specification and Fuel Oil produced in accordance with NIORDC product specification with due consideration of environmental issues and energy conservation.

The main refinery process units are CDU/ VDU, NHT.  CCR, HCU, Isomerization, MDHDT, HPU, VBU, SRU/ SSU, LPG Recovery, Sour Gas/ Water Treating, All utility units / tankage , buildings and offsite are included in the project.

Configuration of the refinery has been studied and selected at Pre-Basic stage.  Basic Engineering Design (BED) / Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Services for Non License units have been performed.

Licensors/Basic Designers, have been selected to  furnish the Basic Engineering Design (BED) Packages for the Licensed Units.  UOP, Haldor Topsoe, KTI, and KBC are selected Licensors.  All the received information  from Licensors are integrated to provide the Basic Engineering Design / FEED Packages of the relevant units.

APS as the nominated Sub-Consultant, performed certain portions of the Services.