Styrene Monomer Plant

Project Details
Pars Petrochemical Co.
Project Location:
Bandar Assaluyeh, Iran
600,000 TPA
Technical Category:
Petrochemical & Chemical Plants
Services Performed:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction Supervision
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


The major steps in the SM production are :

Dehydrogenation of Ethyl Benzene (EB) the main feed of the unit and Distillation of the Dehydrogenated Mixture (DM) to recover SM product.

The components of the project are as follows:

  • Ethyl Benzene Dehydrogenation.
    In this area, EB is dehydrogenated to SM in the presence of steam.
    The dehydrogenation reaction is carried out in gas phase in three fixed bed adiabatic reactors with radial flow. Heat for the reaction is provided by the steam
  • SM Distillation
    The SM distillation section uses 5 distillation columns to fractionate the DM into recycle EB, product SM and by products Benzene, Toluene and Styrene Tar. All columns are structured packing types under PE technology.
  • Tank farm
    Tank farm consists of two SM daily tanks, four SM product tanks (each designed to store 20 days of SM product), DM storage tank, one Styrene tar tank, one toluene storage tank and one closed loop CW storage tank.
  • Closed Loop cooling Water System and Refrigeration System  
  • Flare Header System
  • Waste Water Collection and Closed Drain System
  • Steam and Condensate Recovery