South Pars Gas Field Development Phases 22-24 and Phase 13

Project Details
Pars Oil and Gas Company
Project Location:
Bandar Assaluyeh
2,000 MMSCFD
Technical Category:
Gas Processing
Services Performed:

Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


Petro Sina Aria (PSA) as Contractor is developing of the SOUTH PARS Phases 22, 23 & 24 Project for Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) in IRAN.  This project includes onshore facilities for the processing of reservoir fluid.

Phases 22, 23 & 24 onshore Complex is located on the Iranian coast of Persian Gulf in AKHTAR (approximately 230 km South East of Bandar Bushehr).  The Total capacity of Phases 22, 23 & 24 onshore facilities is 2000 MMSCFD of reservoir fluid.

Phases 22, 23 & 24 onshore Complex will include all processing units, utilities, offsites and Infrastructure necessary to produce sales gas, gaseous ethane cut of petrochemical feedstock quality, commercial grade propane and butane for export and stabilized condensate.  The complex is fed by the reservoir fluid delivered to the onshore plant (Tie-in) via two multiphase lines:

  • Receiving facilities for HP separation of raw gas and condensate/water mixture 
  • Condensate stabilization producing stabilized condensate for storage and export and light ends recycled in the HP gas system.  One condensate flashing unit, normally not operated, is provided as a back-up of the stabilization facilities
  • Gas treatment facilities producing sales gas, gaseous ethane and NGL’s and consisting of:
    • H2S removal from gas / CO2 partial removal from gas
    • Dehydration unit, using molecular sieves technology
    • Mercury guard
    • Ethane extraction unit producing sales gas, gaseous ethane and NGL’s
    Gas Treatment Capacity:
    • Base case: 2000 MMSCFD
    • Line packing case: 2000 MMSCFD maximum offshore rate.  Onshore rate depending on units on line.
    • Line depacking case: Maximum offshore rate depending on pipeline pressure.  2000 MMSCFD maximum onshore rate.
    Allowable turn down:
    • Global: 500 MMSCFD according to minimum flow in one sealine
    • Per gas train: 40%
    •  Per stabilisation train: 30%
  • NGL fractionation facilities to produce gaseous ethane and sour liquid butane and propane
  • Gaseous ethane cut treatment for CO2 removal and drying for further export
  • Propane and butane treatment for mercaptan removal and drying for further storage and export
  • Export gas compression to export pipeline pressure
  • MEG regeneration and injection unit including MRU section to remove salt    from MEG
  • Sulphur recovery producing liquid Sulphur for further solidification and export
  • Utilities, offsite required for operation

Scope of Engineering Works:

Sazeh portion comprises of following Processing / Utility units:

  • Inlet Facilities Unit,
  • Gas Sweetening Unit,
  • MEG Regeneration Unit,
  • Condensate Stabilization Unit,
  • Gas Dehydration Unit,
  • Ethane Removal Unit,
  • Sour Water Stripper Unit,
  • Back-up stabilization Unit,
  • Propane Refrigeration Unit,
  • Fuel Gas System,
  • Diesel system unit,
  • Condensate Storage & Export Unit,
  • Propane Refrigerant storage Unit,
  • Chemical Storage Unit,
  • Interconnecting piping,
  • Steam & condensate,
  • Instrument & service air package,
  • Nitrogen generation system package,
  • Propane/Butane loading Facilities Unit.