Kerman-Zahedan Products Pipeline

Project Details
National Iranian Oil Company
Project Location:
Kerman & Zahedan Provinces, Iran
60,000 BPD
Technical Category:
Services Performed:
Project Status:
Completed and in Operation


Kerman - Zahedan pipeline system is to transfer middle distillate hydrocarbons (gas oil, kerosene, benzene) from Kerman pipeline terminal to new Zahedan storage facilities.

Kerman - Zahedan pipeline capacity is 45,000 barrels per stream day and estimated length is 520 kilometers.  This pipeline incorporates one pump station in Kerman and another pump station in Nosratabad, and one pressure reducing station at Zahedan terminal.  The pipeline system has cathodic protection and line break valve facilities in addition to bracing to nearby cities for future utilization.  Pump stations are equipped with control and motor control centers as well as emergency electric diesel generators and other common utilities required for safe and continuous operation of pipeline.